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The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER is committed to providing information about missing children and missing children issues to try to prevent child abductions. Information about our education programs can be found in the EDUCATION section. To keep your children safe, please download our brochures and talk with your child about the information in them. We believe that empowering children through education is necessary to keep them safe in today's world.

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RadKids is a personal empowerment program that is the revolutionary leader in personal empowerment safety education. RadKIDS addresses bullying prevention and educates children with the means to break the cycle of violence in their lives.

From radKIDS website:
"Please don't tell me to stay safe -- Teach me, or how will I know?"

Other safety programs give children general guidance rules, show videos or simply "talk" to the children. radKIDS® is dedicated to providing our children with a hands-on, activity-based, physical skill development program — empowering our children with instinctual options they need to recognize, avoid, and if necessary, respond to potential danger. When a child is approached or grabbed, the response needs to be immediate, instinctual and absolute.

Is it not time to actually teach, train and empower our children with the skills they need to be safer in this world rather than tell them what we hope they will do when they meet up with anyone trying to hurt them?

Would we train our children how to swim by telling them how in the living room, then throwing them in the water? Obviously not, so then why don't we teach/train our children how to live safer in their world today by empowering them with real skills and a positive mindset?

Teach not tell, radKIDS does just that.

A radKIDS attitude, when empowered with some realistic and instinctive skills to escape violence or harm is: "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!" rather than the child who is told what to do and in danger yells, "HELP ME, HELP ME."

Which mindset do we want our children to have?

For more information about radKIDS please visit their website.

Empowering children through education.