LRC in the Media

Links to mentions of the LRC in the Media.

  • 1,600 volunteers looked for missing student, police say "Thanks to an incredible turnout of volunteers, the Laura Recovery Center was able to organize a thorough search of the UVa Grounds and surrounding areas this past weekend,"
  • Volunteer Search Wraps Up "Law enforcement sources tell NBC29 that while the search turned up no new leads, the search volunteers were a big help because they were able to cover much more ground than police working alone."
  • Hundreds sign up to find missing Virginia Tech student "We just thought it was a wonderful opportunity for us to do something to help,"
  • Community asked to search for missing Va. student "Dan Harrington told a news conference Wednesday the three-day search will be coordinated by the Laura Recovery Center, a Texas-based group that helps to recover missing children."
  • Bolivar residents to commemorate Hurricane Ike "To date, nine people have been confirmed dead and four others missing from the hurricane, said event organizer Brenda Cannon Henley, citing statistics from the Laura Recovery Center. Henley is founder of BolivarBLUE Yahoo Internet Group and a peninsula resident."
  • Life, Post-Ike: The Comeback Kid "Most of Galveston County's 20 storm deaths were Bolivar people, and a spokeswoman for League City's [sic] Laura Recovery Center, a missing-persons clearinghouse [sic], said four more are still missing from the area and presumed dead."
  • Human remains found at Ike cleanup site "The Laura Recovery Center lists four Hurricane Ike victims still missing from Bolivar Peninsula. Among those is Harry Bingham, 61, who was last seen on Sept. 11 on Crystal Beach Road."
  • Skeletal remains found might be Ike victim "Although the Laura Recovery Center compiled a list of 900 people reported missing as a result of the storm, the list has since dwindled to nine people, according to the organization’s Web site. Four are from the peninsula."
  • Volunteers search for clues in case of missing McCleary girl "At the request of Lindsey’s mother, Melissa, two nonprofit groups – the Laura Recovery Center of Friends­wood, Texas, and Klaaskids Foundation of Sausalito, Calif. – organized the search. Both groups have been involved in high-profile missing-­child cases before, including the disappearances of Elizabeth Smart of Utah and Elaine Sepulveda of Oak Harbor."
  • Volunteers search for missing McCleary girl "Volunteers have set up a search center with the help of two national missing child assistance groups, The KlaasKIDS Foundation and the Laura Recovery Center."
  • National groups to aid search for McCleary girl "The KlaasKIDS Foundation and the Laura Recovery Center plan to hold a community meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at the McCleary Community Center. The weekend search will begin 9 a.m. Friday."
  • Lindsey Baum Search Center Sets Up in McCleary "On August 26th, which will mark the 2 month anniversary of the disappearance of now 11 year old Lindsey Baum, the Laura Recovery Center based out of Texas will be heading into McCleary, WA and taking steps to get a search center up and running. This type of service is not new to the Laura Recovery Center so it is no surprise that the plans have already been made and the start up details worked out."
  • Desperate search for missing girl, Lindsey Baum "Despite extensive, well coordinated searches by law enforcement, Lindsey is still missing. Lindsey's mother has called on two national non-profit organizations, the KlaasKIDS Foundation and Laura Recovery Center (LRC), to organize a community volunteer search."
  • National Groups Organizing Efforts for Lindsey Baum "The organizations stated they hope local businesses or families can donate bottled water, office supplies or copying facilities. For information on making donations, call the Laura Recovery Center at 1-866-898-5723."
  • Missing teen flyers hit the web "Members of the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown communities can now log onto to download and distribute Drexel's flyer that contains information on her disappearance, physical description and emergency contact information."

  • Vigil to be held in honor of Brittanee Drexel "The St. Andrew Catholic Church has donated 500 candles for the event organized by Laura Recovery Center and says the vigil will serve as a place to not only honor Drexel, but to pray for the future and to help with feelings of grief."
  • Investigators visit Georgetown High concerning missing teen case Janice Liggett of the Laura Recovery Center said the team met with law enforcement Tuesday and are canvassing the area handing out fliers today.
    “We have no reason to believe she ran away,” Liggett said.
  • Group Focuses New Search for Missing Chili Teen "The Laura Recovery Center is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working with the family of Brittanee Drexel to organize a new, focused search for the missing 17-year-old girl."
  • National group joins search for missing N.Y. girl "... Monday, two representatives from the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children arrived in Myrtle Beach to assist in the search, according to Bob Walcutt, executive director."
  • Brittanee Drexel's Mother Fears Daughter Not Alive "In addition to local law enforcement, several volunteer organizations – the Laura Recovery Center, North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team and the CUE Center for Missing Persons - participated in the search effort."
  • Four more victims of Hurricane Ike identified Bob Walcutt, executive director for the Laura Recovery Center, said the center is working on all leads, including follow ups on "cold cases."
  • CommUNITY Youth Protection Fair "Youth Protection Presentations from: Crime Stoppers, Laura Recovery Center, Local Emergency Units & Predator Check."