Remembering LAURA

A word from Laura's family:

Our family was completely overwhelmed by the loving support and generosity of spirit that we were graced with, both from law enforcement and our community. We remain with a debt of gratitude that we can never repay, to every one who gave so tirelessly, to find our special girl. Thank you.

We have come to call this special relationship a Triangle of Trust.

Friendswood's Police Chief trusted the community of Friendswood to do the right thing, and they did. The community trusted that law enforcement would diligently investigate all leads, and they did. Our family trusted that every effort was made to recover Laura, and they were.

Laura has been remembered by so many people in so many ways, and this reflects the joy and the love that she gave to the world. Below is a list of some of the ways that she has been remembered.

Laura is remembered by all those that knew her and many that did not.

Remembering Laura:

David's (Laura's brother) nine day Novena prayer seeking Justice for Laura

The Laura Recovery Center, founded to honor Laura and the Volunteers that searched for her

The Laura Recovery Center Manual - dedicated to Laura, written by the Volunteers that searched for her

The Laura Smither Scholarship - available to all the children of Friendswood

San Jacinto Community College Laura Kate Smither Memorial Scholarship

The Laura Smither Delphian Scholarship at the University of Houston - Phi Zeta Chapter of the Delphians

The Laura Smither Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship

"Laura's Place" at Camp Windamere - a project of the Friendswood Service Team and the South Texas Girl Scout Council

In Memory - Laura Kate Smither. Written by a volunteer that searched for Laura

Laura's Tree, a Montezuma Cypress in Stevenson Park, Friendswood - Planted by the Community Appearance Board

Laura's Butterfly Garden - Sims Bayou Nature Center

Laura's Memorial Benches at Mays Pond, Armand Bayou Nature Center - presented by the Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise Society

The Laura Smither Memorial Quilt at the Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap

A Quilt of Hope by the volunteers of the Laura Recovery Center

Memorial Service Quilt by Friendswood Residents

Lets' Keep Safe (LKS) Girls Scout Badge. A Cadette Silver Award Project by Rachel Kyle in memory of Laura.

"Remembering Laura" - Pioneer Run organized by the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1998 and 1999.

"Holiday Hustle" Annual Fun Run in memory of Laura benefiting the LRC, organized by the City of Friendswood.

Memorial tree in Perth, Western Australia - Presented by Laura's family

Memorial Rose Bush on Canoe Island, San Juan Islands off Seattle, Washington - Planted by fellow campers at Canoe Island French Camp where Laura attended Summer Camp in 1996

Memorial pear tree and monument in the Smither's front garden - Presented by the Texas State Guard

The Laura Building - Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Friendswood, Texas. Dedicated to Laura March 19, 2000.

The Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System, dedicated to Laura

The Lost Child Memorial page for Laura

A page showing the Spontaneous Memorial to Laura