Laura Recovery Center Introduces Use of QR Codes to Help Find Missing Children

When a child is abducted every second counts. Rapid and widespread
distribution of information about the child is critical in working for a safe
recovery, and one of the best ways to notify a community is by the use of a
flyer with the child's picture and other information. Beginning today the LRC
will include a QR Code on every missing child flyer – a code that can be used
to help distribute that child's flyer.

A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code, but when combined with a smart
phone the Code can direct the phone to a related web site. When the QR Code
on an LRC flyer is scanned by a smart phone, the QR Code will direct the
phone's user to a web page that can be used to e-mail and fax that missing
child's flyer. Every smart phone owner can now actively participate in the
battle against child predators by helping distribute information about missing

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