Laura Smither Scholarship

Laura Smither Scholarship

In loving memory of Laura Kate Smither - 1984-1997

The Laura Smither Scholarship is a merit based scholarship in the amount of $3,000.

Deadline: March 31st annually.

Eligibility: City of Friendswood residents.

An Application for the Laura Smither Scholarship can be downloaded below from this page.

The scholarship committee will announce each year's scholarship recipient through the local papers.

Previous Laura Smither Scholarship winners are:

  • 2017 Alex Rudd (Webster University)
  • 2016 Benjamin Strope (University of Texas)
  • 2015 Molly Chen (Duke University, NC)
  • 2014 Caroline Landon (University of Pennsylvania)
  • 2013 Ryan Bynum (Auburn University, AL)
  • 2012 Ellen Zhou (Princeton University, NJ)
  • 2011 Cody Westphal (Texas Christian University)
  • 2010 Elizabeth Conger (North Western University)
  • 2009 Lena Silva (Rice University, Texas)
  • 2008 Erin Ellis (University of Notre Dame)
  • 2007 Veronica Arnold (Texas A&M University at Galveston, Texas)
  • 2006 Trudy Taylor (Pepperdine University, CA
  • 2005 Jennifer Robicheaux (Trinity University, Texas)
  • 2004 Michael Giordano (University of Houston, Texas)
  • 2003 Olivia Bartlett (Rice University, Texas)
  • 2002 Rachel Kyle (Rice University, Texas)
  • 2001 Tiffany Eppelheimer (Georgetown University, DC)
  • 2000 Jared Bourgeois (Brigham Young University, UT)
  • 1999 Laura Byrne (Wheaton College, IL)
  • 1998 Kathryn Klima (Duke University, NC)
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