"Don't Know? Don't Go!"

Mike Thaler has produced over 220 published books and is known as “America’s Riddle King.” He has also been called “The Court Jester of Children’s Literature.”

Mike ThalerMike ThalerLearn more about Mike at his website MikeThaler.com

Mike has produced many well known and loved characters in children's literature. He was the creator of “The Letterman” for the PBS Electric Company series. Elementary teachers read about Mrs. Green from “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon,” and the rest of the Lagoon faculty in his expanding book series with Scholastic publishers. Bubba and Bumpo from the “The Bully Brothers” books and some of his retold fairy tales like “Cinderella Bigfoot” have won numerous “Children’s Choice” awards. His new series, "Tales from the Back Pew" (Zondervan), was released in January 2009.

Mike has donated one of his recent books - Don't Know? - Don't Go! to the Laura Recovery Center. We are proud to offer it here for download. Two versions are available - one with a single page of the book per sheet and one arranged for printing your own booklet.

The LRC organized a contest in the local schools to find an illustrator for the book. Read more about the book and our illustrator contest here.Suzanne, Girls, and MikeSuzanne, Girls, and Mike

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Safety Booklet.pdf - one page per sheet3.77 MB